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Tom Büchel & Katrin Harder (Heartland/Geldern und HORSEMAN)

„After having tested the fascia rolls extensively on several horses for our magazine HORSEMAN (edition April 2017), it was clear to me that I want to integrate them into our daily ranch life. Whether on colts, training horses, or customer horses – by now every horse enjoys the treatment with the rolls. One can feel quite soon that the horses loosen up more, which makes it easier for them during warm-up to stretch properly (lateral/horizontally and vertically). The fascia rolls fit perfectly into our training system that emphasizes the biomechanics of the horse.“

Tom Büchel & Katrin Harder (Heartland/Geldern and HORSEMAN)


„My horse Davidoff was diagnosed with kissing spines. That was quite a shock at first. But thanks to the fascia rolls and the right training with Christoph he is back on track again. We ride him only 2-3 times per week, the remaining days are spent with free work. And he’s being “rolled” as much as possible – which he greatly enjoys. By now, the rolls are indispensible to us.

Many thanks to everyone, especially Christoph, without you Davidoff would have been lost!“

Sarah and Davidoff

Martina Franke

„An enrichment for horse and man. I was impressed by the simple handling and immediate reaction of the horses. They relax after a short adaption phase and their tensions can be relieved. While having a direct impact on the sticky fascia, the “rolling” also has a positive influence on the basis of trust between man and horse. Don’t hesitate to try it out yourself. “

Martina Franke

Rana Wienberg

„We make use of the fascia roll since December 2016. After a short adaption period, our horse enjoys to be “rolled” and relaxes completely. Noticing the benefit for my horse, I couldn’t do without it any more. Many thanks to Christopf, who has treated Zacki wonderfully, and the entire team. “